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    Early Voting for the September 13, 2016 Special Congressional Primary Election (Democratic Party Only) begins

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Diane J. Noonan

Deputy Director:
Jocelyn Bucaro

Candidate Petitions

General Rules Governing Petitions

The “Statement of Candidacy” or “Declaration of Candidacy” and “Nomination of Petition” portion of each petition must be completely filled out and signed in ink by the candidate(s) before being circulated. (R.C. 3513.07, 3513.261)

Only qualified electors may sign a petition.  Electors must reside in the district for which the office/issue being sought governs for signature to be considered. (R.C. 3501.38 (A))

 PRIMARY ELECTION ONLY - For purposes of signing or circulating a petition of candidacy for party nomination or election, an elector is considered to be a member of a political party if he voted in the party’s primary election within the preceding two calendar years, or if he did not vote in any others party’s primary election within the preceding two calendar years. Nomination petitions (for independent candidates) may be signed by any qualified elector living in the district in which each election will be held.

OVERLAPPING RACES ONLY - Each part petition which is filed shall contain signatures of electors from only one county. In case petitions containing signatures of electors of more than one county are filed, the county from which the majority of signatures came, and only signatures from such county shall be considered. Signatures from any other county shall be invalid.

Each signature must be an original signature of an elector or the elector’s duly appointed attorney in fact acting pursuant to R.C. 3501.382, written in ink. “Signature” means that person’s written, cursive-style legal mark written in that person’s own hand.  (R.C. 3501.38(B)(D))

Each signer’s residential address and the date of signing must be placed on the petition after the elector’s signature.  (R.C. 3501.38(C)) -No P.O. boxes are permitted. (R.C. 3501.38 (C))

A candidate may circulate his or her own petition, but cannot sign his or her own petition as an elector.

A circulator may not sign the same petition paper that he or she is circulating. However, an otherwise eligible circulator may sign a petition paper being circulated for the same office/issue by a different circulator.

 After circulating the petition, the circulator must complete the circulator statement indicating the number of signatures witnessed and contained on petition, circulators name, address, and signature.  (R.C. 3501.38(E)(1))

Except as otherwise provided in section R.C. 3501.382, if a circulator knowingly permits an unqualified person to sign a petition paper or permits a person to write a name other than the person’s own on a petition paper, the petition paper is INVALID.  (R.C. 3501.38(F))

Be sure to get more signatures than the minimum requirement. Recommendation Only: Twice the minimum amount required. No petition shall contain more than three times the minimum number of required signatures.                                                                                                                         

The original petition with the candidate’s original signature must be filed at the same time as all part-petitions are filed.  (R.C. 3501.38(K))

A petition may not be amended after being filed with the Board of Elections. No alterations, corrections, or additions may be made to a petition. (R.C. 3501.38(I)(1))

Odd Year Municipality Races Only (if applicable)


Hamilton City Charter Article XVI 16.03 states “If an elector signs petition for more than the numbers of members of Council or the Mayor to be elected, his or her signature shall be invalid except as to the petitions first filed not to exceed the number of members of Council to be elected”.

The signature of a qualified elector will be valid on the first three (3) Nominating Petitions filed. The same elector’s signature will be invalid on any subsequent filings.

Hamilton City Charter Article XVI 16.02 states the petition shall be filed no later than four p.m. on the seventy-fifth day before the regular City election at which members of Council and the Mayor are to be elected.


Middletown City Charter Article I Section 4 states that the petition shall be filed with the Board of Elections of Butler County at least seventy-five days prior to such election.


Oxford City Charter Article IX 9.03 states “An elector may sign only as many petitions as there are Council Members to be elected at the municipal election for which the nominations are made”.

The signature of a qualified elector will be valid on the first three (3) Nominating Petitions filed. The same elector’s signature will be invalid on any subsequent filings.

Write-In Candidates

To be a write-in candidate, a person must file a Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate (Form 13). Only write-in candidates who timely file a properly completed declaration of intent will have votes counted in the primary or general election for which the candidate filed. No person may file to be a write-in candidate for any non-federal office if for the same election that person already filed a declaration of candidacy or nominating petition, or if for the same election that person became a candidate by party nomination at a primary election or by filling vacancy on the ballot and did not timely withdraw the person’s candidacy.  (R.C. 3513.041)

A write-in candidate must meet all of the eligibility requirements of the office

Form Number:  #13

Filing Deadlines:
Primary election: Generally 4 p.m. 72 days before the primary election (R.C. 3513.041). For municipal elections please refer to individual municipal charters for specific information.  

  • If the primary election is eliminated pursuant to R.C. 3513.02, the board of elections cannot accept declarations of intent to be write-in candidates at the primary (OAG 73-094).
  • If the write-in candidate files for the primary election, the candidate must receive at least the same amount of write-in votes on the primary ballot as the "Candidate Signature Requirements" require to advance to the general election ballot. County Central Committee write-in's are required to receive at least one vote.

General election: Generally 4 p.m. on (72 days before the general election) (R.C. 3513.041). For municipal elections please refer to individual municipal charters for specific information. 

Filing Fee:
A write-in candidate must pay the same filing fee as any other candidate for the office (R.C. 3513.10)

Filed With:  Local candidates file with the Butler County Board of Elections.  
Death or Withdrawal of Candidate

An individual’s candidacy may cease to exist due to the individual’s death or decision to withdraw from the election. 

A candidate may withdraw his or her candidacy at any time prior to the primary or general election by filing a written statement of withdrawal with the appropriate board of elections. (R.C. 3513.30)

If a candidate dies, the candidate’s party organization, committee, or family should notify the appropriate county board of elections of the death.

The law provides various procedures for the replacement of a candidate who dies or withdraws during the election cycle. The procedures to be followed will be dictated by the specific facts surrounding the vacancy on the ballot (e.g., the office involved, why the vacancy occurred, the time remaining before the election, and so forth). Two statutes generally governing vacancies on the ballot are R.C. 3513.30 (death of candidate before a primary election, withdrawal of candidacy before or after a primary election) and R.C. 3513.31 (filling vacancies in party, independent and nonpartisan nominations).





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