Mayor of Middletown

Background about the Office:

  • Candidates for Middletown Mayor are elected in odd year General Elections.
  • There is one Mayor of Middletown.
  • This seat is on the ballot in 2019.
  • Each term is 4 years. (OH Const. Art. XVIII §7; R.C. 733.02, 733.24)
  • Each term begins on January 1st following the election. (OH Const. Art. XVIII §7; R.C. 733.02, 733.24)
  • The salary for this office is $5,000.00  per year as reported by Middletown City (2014).

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What are the requirements to run for Mayor of Middletown?

Candidates for this position must:

  • Live within Middletown.
  • Be a registered elector of Middletown.
  • Be at least 18 years of age. (OH Const. Art. V, §1, Art. XV §4)

How do I run for Mayor of Middletown?

  1. Complete petition form 3-O.  (Note:  Petition forms should be printed on legal sized, 8 1/2" x 14" paper)
  2. Required signatures. (M.C.C. Art. I §4)
    • Collect between 50 and 150 signatures.
    • File petitions with the Butler County Board of Elections no later than 75 days before the date of the General election. (M.C.C. Art. I §4)
  3. Pay filing fee by check or with exact change of $45.00. (R.C. 3513.10, 3513.261)

What are the Campaign Finance Requirements?

All candidates running for office who spend any money, including their own personal funds, must file a Designation of Treasurer (Form 30-D) and complete subsequent reports. Candidates for this office should file with the Butler County Board of Elections.

What are the Candidate Financial Disclosure Requirements?

Non-incumbent candidates must file with the Ohio Ethics Commission no later than thirty days before the general election. (R.C. 102.02(A)(4)(b)).  Incumbent candidates must file by May 15th.  (R.C. 102.02(A)(4)(a)).

Call Candidate and Ballot Services at 513-887-3700, ext. 3 with any questions or for more information.